BE05. Design & Construction of Steel Bridges S1

Ảnh minh họa: Mối nối dầm thép

2. Notes on the Final exam 

- Exam schedule is at 7:00am on Friday (June 16, 2023) in Room 32 H3 Building.

- The final exam would be a closed-book exam.

- You might want to bring a summary sheet with you (so called cheat sheet). Please note that the cheat sheet should have A4 size and you must write it yourself using a blue-ink pen. You can write on both sides of the sheet and make sure to write your full name on the top row of the sheet. Also please attach the cheat sheet to your exam papers before you turn in your exam.

- Cell phones are not allowed in the exam and you need to bring a scientific calculator to the exam.

Good luck on your final exam!

Attention: Hello students, I just wanted to inform you that our class scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2023, will be canceled since I have a prior work commitment and won't be able to cover the class on that day. Please take note of this change in schedule and plan accordingly. Thank you!

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